What You Need to Know About Structural Detailing

Before any structure could come about, proper planning has first to take place. By doing so, the soundness of the structure, regardless of the material used can be ascertained. As with anything else, of course, proper planning means putting into “writing” what the structure should be like. Included in these writings are the materials to be used and the dimensions of each of the part.

In order for someone to understand what how a structure comes about, a thorough appreciation of steel detailing is important. That being the case, you first have to understand that steel detailing is the term used in order to describe the creation of blueprints. In most cases, steel detailing is also referred to as structural steel drafting. In this process, the blueprint for the structure is prepared typically by a draftsman. There are, however, some instances when the same is prepared by architects and engineers.

Structural steel drafting typically involves creation of two sets of drawings. The first drawing is generally used by the steel fabricators. This drawing would include details on what material to be used for each of the part as well as the dimensions that each of the steel part should have. The second drawing, on the other hand, is typically mean for the steel erectors. This drawing usually includes details on how each of the steel structure is to be assembled and put into place.

A steel detailing draft is typically done once the engineers and the architects have been called for a project. In order to come up with the draft, the engineers and architects would have to consult with local government units to understand what the different requirements are for the construction. All the information would then be passed on to the draftsman who would start preparing the drawings. Construction companies as well as clients would oftentimes take advantage of tilt up panel detailing especially if they are on a budget. Specifications such as these are typically relayed to the draftsman beforehand. This type of construction procedure is fast becoming popular due to the ease by which it makes the construction progress.

Information indicated in a steel drafting draft typically varies from one project to the next, more so if the project would involve the use of tilt up panel detailing. This is because, with the tilt up construction, makes use of casting slabs and surfaces that have been allowed to cure. Very little changes in details are made, and all the items are constructed to easily fit each other much like how building block toys work. This, of course, would also mean that there is very little need for a CAD software when coming up with the designs. However, if the traditional construction process would be used, CAD would tend to be in prominent use as it would make it easier for the draftsman to come up with the needed designs. Some structures would also make use of BIM as this software would also make it possible for the engineers and architects to input as much detail as possible.