Tilt up panel detailing

In the field of building and construction, there is a great demand for cost-effective methodologies. Fortunately, new innovations that meet these demands are brought about through the years. One of which is the tilt up technique. In this practice that makes use of concrete, the completion time is significantly reduced. There are some concerns however, as to how well it can manage during earthquakes. In order to address this issue, seismic retrofit requirements are mandated, especially for older buildings.

Of course, if you are one who has chosen tilt up panel for your construction needs, all you need to do is find a design and detailing team that can give you credible work on tilt up panel modeling. This is exactly what we stand to be, here at ELMASRY Steel Design and Detailing.

We approach tilt up construction systematically, ensuring that the end product will be exactly as you need it to be. Ultimately, you would want to be upright and solid. That is exactly what you can expect with our work here at ELMASRY Steel Design and Detailing. We always make sure that our designs are secured with durability so that our clients will not only avoid unforeseen costs but also have the benefit of safety.

You may ask; why choose the tilt up technique? Well, apart from the above-said guarantee of cost-efficiency, the method is also recognized for being an environment friendly approach to building and construction. This is because tilt up eliminates the need for insulation due to its thermal mass properties. You can therefore have energy efficient walls that are solid and insulated by design. Furthermore, the construction process will require lesser energy and labor. Naturally, we make it even better here at ELMASRY Steel Design and Detailing.

Our approach in tilt up panel modeling makes it so that the panels are more sustainable than ever. We make them easy to accommodate necessary changes. If necessary, you will find our tilt up panel models easier to move, remove, reuse and recycle. We always make sure that every need of our client is availed with our designs. Furthermore, we foster the idea of cost-efficiency with our tilt up designs that are meant to be completed with little time and affordable prices.

Established in 1993, ELMASRY Steel Design and Detailing has been able to build up on a great reputation. We have been recognized for the quality that we provide in all our work in design and detailing. Making use of the most reliable technology such as the TEKLA STRUCTURE 3D solid modeling program, we have managed to get ahead of our competitors. Of course, our ability as a leading design and detailing office in structural steel is also derived from the amount of talent that we have in our team. We have a group of the most proficient specialists of structural design and detailing – engineers and draftspersons that are not only knowledgeable but also quite passionate in what they do. With that, we can guarantee to give you satisfactory work in all our services.