Structural Model

For the construction of residential, institutional, commercial or industrial structures, planning is a crucial element that needs to be thoroughly utilized. This can be done with the creation of a structural model. This will be the representation of the project and shall guide the whole construction and building process that follows. This model will have all the details included, from the smallest to the key features of the building. If fashioned poorly, the model will be proven useless in the end and it might cause significant issues with the structure itself such as having unexpected expenses and going over the intended building period. Suffice to say, it is imperative to have professionals to handle the creation of your structure’s model.

For that, you will find that ELMASRY Steel Design and Detailing as Australia’s most credible office for the job. For two decades, we have been able to gain and maintain the trust of several clients. Our list of impressively completed projects will serve as proof of that with more than 800 endeavours ranging from shopping centres, schools/universities, refineries, plants, and other types of constructions. In all of these projects, we were able to impress with the use of strategic solutions and state of the art technologies. Of course, we are well aware that the only way we can stay as a leading steel design and detailing office is by keeping up with the latest methods. In that respect, we take advantage of 3D modeling for the generation of our structural models.

During our early years of operation, we have already started the use of 3D technology. In 1996, we began to use the TEKLA STRUCTURE 3D solid modeling program. Through this, we have worked on structures such as The Dunmore Quarry and many others. Of course, as modern technology continually progressed we made sure that we were able to keep up. Eventually, we were introduced to the state of the art technique of Building Information Modeling or BIM, a tool that comprehensively guides a whole construction workflow.

The use of BIM allowed us to provide more efficient solutions to our clients. This is because; instead of the typical completion of one-tool-for-each solution, we only need one single solution. With it, we are able to streamline the series of process in the construction flow – design, detailing, manufacturing, construction and so on. Ultimately, we allow a construction project to minimize errors, maximize efficiency, have high profitability and finish on time.

Having been established in 1993, we guarantee that we can give all the advantages mentioned above. Our experience and knowledge in steel design and detailing is unmatched and we have the right set of technologies and methodologies to back it up. No to mention, we also have credible engineers and draftspersons that have honed their expertise in dealing with our 800 successful projects. All in all, you can expect to get more than a well-crafted structural model for your project. We guarantee to secure the successful completion of whatever structural project you may have.