Structural design

Structural design is an important component of structural engineering. It practically represents the end results which is a big deal considering how intricate it is to build and construct a structure from the ground up. Even the smallest mistakes can compromise the credibility and aesthetics of the whole building whether it is residential, commercial, institutional or industrial. The better the creation of the structure’s design, the more likely it is that the actual structure will have the same exquisite outcome. It is for that reason that it is crucial for you to find a design and detailing office that can expertly execute the job.

In Australia, you may find a couple of trusted names in design and detailing but you can find nothing else above ELMASRY Steel Design and detailing. For many years, we have gained a great reputation at giving exceptional solutions with our proficiently generated structural designs. Through our well-defined work, we have built strong relationships with several satisfied clients that have nothing but words of praise for our service. This is because we intend to maintain our reputation as Australia’s premier design and detailing office and we see to it that every project entrusted to us are completed with best results possible.

Our impressive list of completed projects is made up of many of the most exquisitely designed structures all around the country today. This includes the Blacktown Leisure Centre in New South Wales which is a state of the art leisure facility that gives convenience to the residents of Blacktown and other surrounding neighborhoods. Another example is the Canberra International Sports & Aquatic Centre (CISAC). The comprehensive centre that houses activities for sports, health and leisure is known for having one of the largest indoor sporting venues within its area. For these projects, ELMASRY steel design and detailing made use of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. By creating a BIM model for the structural steel shop drawings of these, and many of the other structures included in our projects, we have provided the necessary solutions to eliminate hidden costs and prevent loss of time.

The BIM software is only one of our innovations here at ELMASRY steel design and detailing.  We make sure that we are updated with the latest methodologies and technologies to further improve our services. This is how we are able to remain as the most trusted office for structural design and detailing.

ELMASRY steel design and detailing was established as early as 1993. With over 800 successful projects, we guarantee an expertise in structural design and detailing that no other office can provide. With our experience, we have obtained a knowledge that allows us to cover various fields of construction. We have well-defined methodologies and are always in touch with the latest innovations. Apart from that however, we have a team of skilled engineers and draftspersons that have our clients’ best interest at heart. Contact us and find out how we can give you the best solutions for your structural designs and detailing needs.